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Why Choose Us?

The first manufacturer ofrefractory bricks in Iran

Arak refractory facade refractory brick production plant was put into operation in 1991 with the aim of meeting the growing needs of the country for refractory brick. After nearly 30 years, the company has taken effective steps to improve the quality of the construction industry, so that in recent years it has been able to rely on its technical and technological capabilities and also have experienced staff in the field of product research. Industrial and decorative refractories have taken large-scale steps to increase the diversity of refractory products and meet the needs of the country’s construction industry.

The highest quality in design and production

The refractory products of this company, due to having advantages such as proper adhesion with different types of mortars, color stability under different weather conditions, strength against cold, heat, impact, abrasion and also by observing special standards and with the lowest tolerances produced. And it is marketed in regular packaging, which is why it is always considered by respected experts and mass producers. Now we are ready to provide services to Islamic Iran with a bag of experience and modern technical knowledge of the world, using experienced engineers and personnel.

آجر نما نسوز دیرگداز رندوم پرتقالی

Customer orientation in production and supply

Dirgadaz Arak Company proudly states that by adopting a development and continuous improvement approach during the design, development and production process of a wide range of refractory bricks, it has tried to consider all the expectations of its customers from refractory bricks.
With the most advanced production facilities and quality control, distribution and after-sales service systems, we ensure that the refractory rewards of Dirgadaz Arak Company are made to last and surpass the dreams of our customers.


آجر نما نسوز دیرگداز رندوم پرتقالی

Unlimited color combinations

Attractive color palettes make refractory refractory bricks give your projects indescribable beauty. Rich nature-inspired colors, along with a variety of textures in decorative, refractory and rocky refractory bricks, come alive and enhance the beauty and warmth of your project landscape.

A look at the antiquity of history

Many of the refractory bricks of Dirgadaz Company have been inspired by the continuous and coherent study of the designs, patterns and colors of magnificent and ancient buildings that often give prestige and prestige to the central core of historical and ancient cities of Iran and the world.

Unique beauty

The point at which form and function merge in architecture is the decorative series. Decorative refractory brick with dense natural veins and textures, as well as with its various designs and roles, can form a completely ideal and harmonious space with other elements of interior design of work and home environment.

Creating lasting views

Realize your creative tastes by using different combinations of colors, textures and various arrangements of refractory bricks from Dirgdaz Company. You can combine different types of refractory facade bricks in a way that reflects your unique style.

Comes with DISPLACE channel

With this channel, you can separate the refractory bricks from the main body of the brick in your architectural works and create the physical prominence of different types of refractory facade bricks without modeling.

Along with SPECULAR channel

This texture determines the location of highlights on different areas of the surface. This channel determines what the brightness of these points is or disappears completely in certain areas.

Seamless textures

All latex textures are seamless and can be tilted. (You will no longer have trouble repeating the side lines of the texture during weaving.)

Comes with NORMAL channel

With the help of this texture, you, as an architectural artist, can create low-volume models that are reminiscent of high-quality models of a wall in facade design or interior design with refractory brick.

Resistant to discoloration

Color Consistency

Environmental friendly

Environmental friendly

Quick installation

Quick installation

indoor and outdoor

Applicable to interior and exterior facades

Erosion resistant

Resistant to erosion

thermal shocks

Resistance to temperature shocks


Color Themes






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