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TV Wall Design With Firebricks

TV Wall Design With Firebricks

A wall of firebricks in interior design can add a certain sense to your living space or office. The most important features of decorative brick walls are that it can be used in interior design in a classic, modern or hybrid style. In deciding on a wall with a refractory bricks, the choice of materials, the color of the refractory brick and the desired layout pattern, and even the decorative elements installed on this wall are all very important. One can imagine that at first glance a brick wall appears to be in contradiction with modern interior design. But in recent years, architects move towards the choice of walls covered with refractory bricks whenever they seek to create tangible and tactile texture, unique identity and unparalleled charm in the living space.

Creative Approach:

It can be assumed that there are several approaches to the use of these walls in interior design:

    • For some designers, a brick wall is a mix of past and present.
    • For some, it is a way to create nostalgia in interior design.
    • For others, this is a way of adding elegance to the spaces that are overused by the use of modern interior design.

Use as a brick wall behind the TV

Deciding on the TV wall behind the living space of your office or conference room affects the overall space of the room. Refractory brick is one of the most beautiful choices for use on the back wall of the TV. But making and choosing a refractory bricks is a great challenge for this purpose. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Pattern of firebricks:

Note that the layout pattern of refractory bricks should be simple brick and decorative bricks. That’s why it’s so important to annoy the eye-catching pattern of your eyes, and they’ll focus on you.

Choose the color of refractory brick:

Choosing the right color can greatly enhance the dynamic appeal of your interior design, as well as creating a single-handed structure by differentiating between the elements, and focusing on the focal point in the living space or office. In choosing the color of the firebricks in the wall design, we must keep in mind that the color tone has a complete harmony with other elements in the room. Here are three of the three most important harmonics in choosing the color of a decorative refractory brick:

Harmonic color of hot and cold:

The combination of hot-refractory bricks with cool colored furniture can perfectly balance the living space.

Harmony based on colors nearby:

Analogous Colors are each called a trio of colors that are arranged in the circle of color . Like green furniture next to a wall of refractory brick or porcelain or porcelain. Usually in such combinations, it is better to use more color than the two other colors in terms of the amount of color used.

Harmony based on complementary colors:

Complementary colors are colors that are placed in
the circle of color
right in front of each other. One of the most famous combinations is the green furniture against a wall of red brick fire or purple furniture against a wall of yellow fireclay or dark blue furniture against a wall of refractory bricks. All of the combinations described above provide a great deal of harmony. Complementary colors create the highest degree of visual contrast. Due to the fact that the application of complementary colors and energy induces, we must remember that excessive use of them does not disturb the viewer.

Decorative Elements:

In the use of decorative elements, you can have a TV wall with a fireplace, or with several shelves, or with installation of artistic paintings or even a wall of TV with tableau. Hence, a variety of combinations can be created. But always keep this law in mind that television should be in the top priority.
To do this, it is necessary to make the wall behind the TV and other decorative elements extremely skilful and accurate, and do not overestimate the use of these elements and try to simply design our living space or office space as fully as possible. As a general rule, the use of a maximum of one or two decorative elements is very suitable for this purpose.
There is also a simpler version, especially with respect to the interior decoration of a minimalist architectural design. (Minimalism or simplicity: Minimalism is an art school that bases its works and expressions on the basis of the simplicity of expression and the simple and empty methods of the usual complexity of the foundations In this case, the wall only contains a TV.
Also, creating a level difference in the wall of refractory brick at the installation site of the TV is also one of the ways to create high visual focus on the spot of interest when designing the wall behind the TV.

Application of decorative elements

– As a general rule, the use of a maximum of one or two decorative elements is very suitable for this purpose.
– With the difference in level at the TV installation location, you can focus on the TV.
– Due to the charm and impressiveness of the wall of refractory brick, we can only use the minimalist method to install a TV on the wall.
– If we use a lot of decorative elements, we need to remember that television should be placed in the top priority.

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