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Modern Interior Design With Firebricks

Modern Interior Design With Firebricks

Defining the modern style of interior design

The modern interior design style was originally founded by a group of European designers following the Bauhaus School. Baumas is the name of a school in architecture named after the Baumas Art & Architecture School in Germany. This school was the pioneer of modernism in architecture, and its achievements today are taught by students of architecture and other arts disciplines.

In this school of thought, it was believed that architecture should be cheap and functional. To achieve this goal, it was necessary for artists and artisans to unite in order to achieve an artistic value-added product at the same time. Hence, the school of fine arts and applied arts will be integrated so that they can meet the needs of modern industrial societies.

The major feature of the Baumas style is its reliance on functionalism, the optimal utilization of the properties of industrial materials, and the avoidance of excessive use of decorative materials. Because the school needs to design everything on a need-based basis, it is necessary that elements that are not functional and have only an aesthetic aspect should not be used.

Interior design in modern style is ideal for apartments and small spaces, utilizing the best of space and using techniques for larger spaces.

Main features of modern interior design:

  • Asymmetric composition and equilibrium
  • Using simple lines
  • Prefer functionality over form
  • Optimal use of decorative elements
  • Use of neutral colors
  • Minimal use of texture

Application of firebricks in modern interior design style:

A modern space with a wall of firebrick has now become a popular trend that does not appear to have a downtrend. If you live in an apartment, a building, or in a private villa where brick walls are well covered with other materials, it’s time to dig deep and let the original brickwork begin Shine. The color and bricklaying style can make a big difference in the overall charm of your desired space.

Those who seek to replace their design with a less dramatic design in their interior design can use a more neutral color, such as black or gray, to create a background. The classic red red refractory brick wall is also a good option in modern homes and in the contemporary living room where other elements are the most neutral and orderly possible.

This choice gives the living room a beautiful appearance with a regular structure, while making the brick wall an eye-catching element.

The wall creates a beautiful, lively and vibrant backdrop of refractory bricks, allowing you to display art collections or a collection of family photos of your own. Unlike white walls, this is an art style arrangement that is far more energetic, distinctive, and more attractive.

A vivid color in modern white space

In a lot of modern spaces, which are used in white with one hand for space painting, this wall can add extra texture and color to your space.

Beautiful background using firebricks

Turning the TV to the focal point of the living room makes the design of the wall behind the TV an important point. The refractory, refractory, refractory bricks of Arak Refractory Co. is one of the best choices for implementing the wall behind the TV in designing modern spaces.

Order and geometry in the laying of firebricks

With the right lighting, harmony and optimal use of decoration and decorative materials, a living room with brick walls can be visually appealing to allow the furniture to shine in neutral colors.