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Firebricks Colors

Firebricks Colors

Firebricks Colors produced by Dirgadaz Arak Company has a very wide variety of colors, and this advantage increases the power of selecting customers with any taste in all trends of the construction industry. It should be noted that one of the most important non-competitive benefits of refractory products produced by this company is that in addition to ordering beautiful colors of refractory bricks can be ordered as a combination color or randomly as a single color (with similar color tonality with slight difference).
The facade resulting from the use of refractory brick facade of Arak Dirgadaz Company is so eye-catching that it does not feel tired when looking at it for a long time.
Without exaggeration, the most important advantage of refractory facades compared to other facade materials can be considered in their new color scheme. The color scheme of refractory reward is very special and special so that its color scheme cannot be classified in any separate group (in a executed view, very few bricks can be found that have exactly the same color code). This makes the facade of refractory brick buildings special and unique. The fact that the viewer cannot explicitly state the exact color of the building’s facade is a testament to this claim.

Variety of refractory brick colors

One of the most important advantages of refractory bricks produced by Dirgadaz Arak Company is that because their production uses only mineral soils with precise formulation and no artificial colors are added to their composition, the color variety of refractory bricks is completely natural and part of the brick’s nature. For this reason, over time, their color is stable and they do not show any fading due to various factors such as direct and intense sunlight and various other weather factors.
Refractory brick coloring is caused by two main reasons. The first reason is how to put refractory bricks in the kilns and how to heat them, as well as to control surfaces that are in direct contact with fire. The most important thing in understanding the variety of refractory brick colors is that, because the color of the bricks is affected by the furnace heating system, the closer the brick is to the center of the furnace heat, the darker the color, and vice versa, the closer the brick is to the heat and the center of the furnace. The further away it is, the brighter the color will be.
The second reason in the color of refractory bricks is related to metal oxide, which is present in the formulation of refractory materials, among which we can mention various oxides of iron, aluminum and silica.
If you use refractory bricks in the interior design or facade of the building, the color of the refractory bricks and its proper choice are very important. Refractory facade bricks are produced in four main colors, yellow, chamotte, red, brown and black, each of which has its own number of color codes with different tonalities. As mentioned earlier, when ordering refractory bricks, in addition to buying in the form of a combination color or randomly as a single color (with the same color tonality with a slight difference), you can also order your desired refractory brick.

Eye-catching palette of refractory bricks

The use of eye-catching color palette of refractory bricks of Dirgadaz Arak Company, which has the widest variety of colors and concentrations, as well as the appearance of the texture, inspires your genius and creativity in design projects.

Infinite choice

Realize your creative tastes by using various colors of refractory bricks of Dirgadaz Arak Company. Combine the color combination of refractory bricks in a way that reflects your unique style. The freedom to combine different percentages makes there no limit to your imagination

Unique color range

The unique color range, along with the rich tonalities of refractory bricks, gives each building a beautiful look. We are proud that the beauty and warmth of our company’s refractory bricks is effective in drawing you to your homes every day.