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Benefits Of Firebricks

Benefits Of Firebricks

When deciding and planning to build a lifelong building with the capabilities of a comfortable life, you should consider a lot. Considering the full spectrum of topics including cost, comfort and modern and classical style, refractory bricks today are one of the most important choices of architects.

Firebricks have a lot of durabilit

Refractory bricks made from minerals with precise formulation, abundant and available local and regional resources, and the long life cycle of the burnt brick are among the benefits of the present environmental and health area. The bricks are durable, recyclable, and non-polluting and naturally resistant to pests and fire. Hence, bricks and refractory bricks are safe to live, making it the main choice in designing economical and reliable residential buildings.

Brick reduce the consumption of fossil fuels

Recent research has shown that mass and wall thickness is an essential component of energy conservation in the passive architecture design system. Brick and refractory bricks are what the architects call “high temperature heat”, which helps to stabilize the temperature changes in the building. When bricks and bricks are associated with other inactive system architectural designers, namely, the orientation of building, ventilation and insulation, the dependence on artificial heating and cooling decreases and reduces energy consumption.

Firebricks to optimize energy consumption

For optimal heating in winter and cooling in the summer, the brick is fully integrated with the inactive building design system for efficient use of natural resources and energy. The natural compressive density and thermal insulation properties of refractory bricks, due to the precise formulation of its materials, balances the building’s temperature and reduces the amount of energy used to ease and save costs throughout the year.

The maintenance cost of firebricks is very low

Painting or other methods to preserve aesthetics and increase the longevity of the building’s facade does not need to be done. The view of these buildings is therefore called a permanent look, which, even after 50 years, is still robust, reliable and cost-free, which saves the cost and time required to maintain a building in ideal conditions, Compared to other materials

Lightweight and architectural design with a wide range of refractory bricks

A refractory bricks adds a special style to any building. Its natural colors and textures make it possible for you to create intense contrast in dramatic views or vivid color schemes of traditional design, so it’s entirely possible to use it in the design of modern architecture as well as in the design of the classic architecture.

Brick and refractory brick are quite reliable

As one of the most popular materials in the world and a reliable source of sustainable building materials, the deadly facade is famous for its high strength and reliable investment potential. A quality structure, a relaxed order, and an everlasting appearance of a refractory brick building will keep this building for your family and for future generations.

Firebricks are colorful and have a variety of inspiration

You can only think of refractory bricks to design and apply creative colors on the facade of the building. Refractory bricks with a very varied color range from rich chocolate to tones of red and Portuguese, different tones of gray to black, or the bottom of the golden color and the natural colors of the brick, provides a striking contrasting color and durability, which for all conditions Are suitable

Refractory bricks are fully resistant to all weather conditions

The most important feature of a building with refractory brick facades is its ability to withstand time, even in extreme climates. Forget paint, seals, or other high costs because the fire hazard is completely resistant to weather conditions, and practically without any maintenance, it will last for a lifetime without defects.