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Classic Interior Design With Firebricks

Classic Interior Design With Firebricks

Define the classic style of interior design

Interior design has a very varied architecture. Each of these styles is influenced by the culture, morals and interests of people of a land or geographic region.
It can be said that the classical style is in fact the same Western style, which was founded on the ideal goals of the Greek and Roman Empire, namely “order, symmetry and balance”. This style was newly discovered and used in the Renaissance, therefore, some have been mixed with contemporary architectural styles.
Long ceilings, beautiful gypsum plasterings, antique furniture, decorated wooden carvings, luxurious curtains with texture, pleasant colors and designs, large mirrors, traditional stone wall decorations, beautiful fireplaces when placed side by side with an example. They will create magnificent views, a space full of originality and historical layers. The colors used in the elements of this style create an enchanting harmony.
In the classical style, basically, the beauty is that “you put everything in its original place, and if your feelings make a difference in your mind, you should definitely align with the logical aspects of this style.” In the classical style, a major principle is the focus of most decisions on interior design. This principle is known as the “aesthetic logic of objects”. In the aesthetic logic of objects, the harmony of objects has the first place. The result of this harmony is a special visual effect that results from the combination of different perspectives on the viewer:
The main element in the classical style is the inclusion of the “focal point” in the area in which visual balance is created. In other words, the main characteristic of this style is the use of symmetry on both sides of the space and the insertion of an element in a central point or center of attention of this space.
The coloring of the firebrick , its composition with other materials and the type of decoration decoration should be such that it will fascinate every newcomer at first glance and the viewer feels that he faces a scene that he has not seen before.” This The glory is a classic style that is well-liked by everyone. ”
Of course, this definition of classical style is different from the conventional concept of the term in art and literature. The “classical” name in this style of architecture is because the principles developed for it are implemented without modification. If you are looking for a traditional style with magnificence, you can use this style in the interior design of your desired space.

Main features of the classic interior design:

  • Order and symmetry (as the main sign of this style of design)
  • Put the focal point at the center of symmetry
  • Use of dignified colors inspired by nature
  • The use of elements from nature

firebrick is an element from nature

Due to the fact that the firebricks is a product of nature, it has been used well in the classical style of interior design and becomes an integral part of this design because of its attractive texture, colors and designs.

Colors inspired by nature

Given that the common color palette in this style is usually inspired by nature, the various colors of refractory refractories from Arak refractory companies such as yellow, red, brown and gray types inspired by nature, such as Colors that are commonly used in this style.

Order and geometry in the pattern of firebricks

This style is based on regular lines, rules and geometric forms, and the principles of creating visual balance, and order is recognized as the most important feature of classical style. Therefore, the use of refractory bricks with accurate and regular geometry and creating visual rhythm consistent with the main characteristics This is the style.