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Core Values

Core values ​​of Dirgdaz company

Core values ​​of Dirgodaz Firebricks Manufacturing Co. Company reflect the beliefs and priorities of the company in terms of professional ethics and the field of organizational missions, and guide the decision-making of managers and guide the behavior of employees of Dirgadaz factories.

Organizational values ​​can be used as a basis for determining the way employees behave on a daily basis and the basis for decisions at work. From the very beginning of the establishment of Dirgadaz Company, these values ​​have guided the behavior, actions and thoughts of the employees and managers of the organization and in a word, they represent the culture of this organization.

The nine principles and values ​​of this collection are as follows:

Development of teamwork, involvement and responsibility

Learning , innovation and continuous improvement

Excellence in individual and group abilities

Development of social position

Entrepreneurship, effectiveness and Job creation

Decision making based on analysis

Social responsibility and commitment to rules and regulations

Customer oriented culture

Decision making based on analysis

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